Agayev Mammadhasan Mammadhusayh Oglu

Cardiologists of Azerbaijani Federation, Azerbaijan


Agayev Mammadhasan Mammadhusayh Oglu was born in 1941 in the village of Bamba, Masalli region of the Republic of Azerbaijan. In 1966, I graduated from the Azerbaijan Medical University. Since 1975, I have achieved the replacement of the Cardiology Department of the 5th of the Department of Internal Medicine, the Central Clinical Clinical (former N. A. A. Semashko). Here, the Cardiology Functional Diagnostic Laboratory and an intensive therapy bloc, in the most acute area of medical sciences in the most acute area of the heart attack, and the effect of the heart's rhythm and medical therapy and the effects of medicamine therapy and the effect of medicaments of medicaments. " In the Institute of Cardiology, the Candidate of Medical Sciences, in 2013, I defended his doctoral dissertation at the Great Scientific Council of the Azerbaijan Medical University. In 2016, I was a professor of the department. Since then, I work in the position of Cardiology (Internal Medicine No. 1) of the Faculty of Treatment.
I am the author of 8 textbooks, 8 monographs, 24 methodical textbooks, 253 scientific articles. Modern requirements are written on the basis of the program of the Medical University, the "Clinical Electrocardiography", "Basics of Clinical Electrocardiography", "Internal Medicine", "Cardiology", "Cardiology", "Cardiology", "Clinical Electrocardiography".
I am the author of 2 inventions (P960078 and P960079 patents) according to the treatment of myocardial heart attack. Attached here is a list of my scientific articles published in various scientific journals. Journal of  Medical Biomedical and Applied Sciences, Hindistan (2020), «Results Of Complex Application, Results of Complex Application Of Mechanical and Drud Revaccularization and Separately Performed Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in Patients Working in Patients Working in Patients With Xenobiotics "German International Journal" (2022), The Effect of The Combined Use of Mechanical and Drug revascularization in Acute Coronary Syndrome in Patients Working in Environmental Polluted Conditions Article called "A Merican Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine was published in the magazine (2022). At the moment I am working on an extensive research topic with the following title: Heart failure in COVID-19 and methods for optimizing its treatment. After finishing the work, I plan to present the results of the work to the attention of the world scientific community. I am members of the Cardiologists of Azerbaijani Federation, Cardiologists of Turkish-speaking countries. In the second meeting of the International Immunalogy and Immune Rehabilitation Congress in October 2003, in the II International Congress of Cardiologists in Moscow and Cardiologists in October 2003, in the II International Congress of Cardiologists in 2000, in 2018, RF in 2003 I participated and reported in the National Congress of Cardiologists.

Research Interest