Virtual Conference

Mohamed Zahran

, Nasser Institute for Research and Treatment, Egypt
Title : AAOCA is the second leading cause of sudden cardiac death in the young. Many questions remain regarding the morphologic and physiologic mechanisms leading to myocardial ischemia and a possible sudden event. Patients with AAOCA present as an incidental finding at least half of the time, advanced imaging is essential to define anatomic characteristics of this lesion, assessment of myocardial perfusion with stress cardiac magnetic resonance imaging is feasible and contributes greatly to risk strati


Background: Thorax trauma severity score (TTSS) combines patient-related parameters with the anatomical and physiological parameters, and it can be easily calculated in the emergency room. The validity of this score in the Egyptian population has not been tested; therefore, the objective of this study was to evaluate the prognostic role of TTSS to predict the outcome of thoracic trauma in the Egyptian patients in two centers. 

Results: The study included 284 male patients (94.7%) with a mean age of 41 years. Fifty-six patients (18.7%) had conservative management, 216 had morbidity (72%), and 28 patients died (9.3%). One hundred forty-eight patients (49.3%) had a thoracostomy tube, and thoracotomy was required in 4 patients (1.3%). Respiratory rate 
above 20 cycles/min at admission was associated with mortality (n = 28 (9.3%); p < 0.001). One hundred thirty-six patients had TTSS between 0 and 5 points; 56 of them were discharged and 80 of them were admitted to the inpatient ward with a good prognosis. 

Conclusion: The outcome of thoracic trauma patients could be predicted based on the thorax trauma severity score. A score of 7 points or above was associated with increased morbidity, and a score of 20 points or above predicted a fatal prognosis and prolonged mechanical ventilation.


Mohamed has completed his Master Degree at the age of 29 years from Tanta University, Egypt. He is an Emergency Medicine Specialist working at Nasser Institute for Research and Treatment Hospital. He has a thesis entitled Evaluation of the predictive value of Thorax Trauma Severity Score (TTSS) in thoracic-traumatized patients published in The Cardiothoracic Surgeon Journal at January 2020.