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Track: Cardiac and Cardiovascular Research

Cardiac and Cardiovascular Research


Series of Cardiology Research exclusively focuses on bringing recent advances from the field that are authentic and medically proven. Regular physical activity is more beneficial for cardio health. Physically activities lead to maintaining blood pressure, higher insulin sensitivity, and a favourable plasma lipoprotein profile. This annual cardiology meeting is a platform for postgraduate education and scientific work in the fields of cardiology, angiologyhypertensionstrokevascular surgery, medications for cardiac, Cardio health diet and many more topics.

Coagulation and Thrombosis
Endothelial dysfunction; Clinical assessment
NASH and other ectopic lipid diseases
Chronic kidney disease and nephropathies
Diabetes; macro- and microangiopathies
Aneurysms and other non-atherosclerotic arteriopathies
Nutrition, nutraceuticals
Bariatric surgery
Lipid-lowering therapies
Anti-thrombotic therapies
Anti-inflammatory therapies
Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease; miscellaneous
New lipid-lowering therapies

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