Track: Congenital Heart Disease & Congestive Heart Failure

Heart 2022 Conference


Heart disease describes a large variety of conditions that affect your heart... Despite the advancement in medicine, management of heart failure (HF), which typically presents as an illness syndrome, has been a challenge to health care suppliers... This is reflected by the relatively higher rate of readmissions along with incremented mortality and morbidity associated with HF. Heart failure is a solemn condition, and there is conventionally no remedy. However, with the right treatment, people can still lead a delectable and productive life. 

Acute Heart Failure – Diagnostic Methods
Acute Heart Failure: Biomarkers
Acute Heart Failure: Imaging
Acute Heart Failure: Treatment
Acute Heart Failure: Pharmacotherapy
Acute Heart Failure: Non-pharmacological Treatment
Circulatory Support
Renal Replacement Therapy
Acute Heart Failure: Clinical

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