Virtual Conference

Track: Congenital Heart Disease & Congestive Heart Failure

Heart 2022 Conference


Heart disease describes a large variety of conditions that affect your heart... Despite the advancement in medicine, management of heart failure (HF), which typically presents as an illness syndrome, has been a challenge to health care suppliers... This is reflected by the relatively higher rate of readmissions along with incremented mortality and morbidity associated with HF. Heart failure is a solemn condition, and there is conventionally no remedy. However, with the right treatment, people can still lead a delectable and productive life. 


Atrial Fibrillation
Device Therapy
Chronic Heart Failure
Acute Heart Failure
Coronary Artery Disease (Chronic) / Chronic Coronary Syndromes (CCS)
Acute Coronary Syndromes
Acute Cardiac Care
Valvular Heart Disease
Myocardial Disease
Pulmonary Circulation, Pulmonary Embolism, Right Heart Failure
Epidemiology of Heart Failure
Update on Heart Failure Guidelines
Update on Cardiovascular Risk Factors
Hypertension and Heart Failure
Diabetes and Heart Failure
Adult Congenital Heart Disease
Sleep-disordered breathing and heart failure
Use of biomarkers in heart failure
Recent Advances in Heart Failure Imaging (Echocardiography, MRI, Nuclear Cardiology, CT, Magnetic Resonance, others)
Prevention of heart failure readmission
Update on Acute Heart Failure
Chemotherapy-induced myopathy
Disease Management
Cardiogenic shock
Valvular heart disease
Atrial Fibrillation and heart failure
Remote hemodynamic monitoring
Diastolic Heart Failure
Heart Failure and Renal Dysfunction
Heart Failure and Coronary Artery Disease
Heart failure and Pregnancy
Heart failure: Progress and Challenges
Lifestyle issues in heart failure
Success in heart failure: Future therapies
Clinical & Debate Session

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