Virtual Conference

Track: Fetal Cardiology

Heart 2022 Conference


This convention focuses on the contrast of the fetal coronary heart with ultrasound imaging, which includes evaluation of structural and useful elements of the fetal cardiovascular machine and fetoplacental circulation.

This Cardiology Conference will overview present-day information and advances in fetal cardiac imaging and care that have an effect on the detection and administration of cardiovascular sickness in the fetus. The layout will encompass lectures, case displays, and interactive panel discussions.

The focal point will consist of an evaluation of fetal hemodynamic derangements in non-primary cardiac disease, determinants of fetal neurodevelopment, complete fetal care (inclusive of counseling, multidisciplinary coronary heart software mannequin, and trainee education), healthcare disparities in fetal cardiac care, and modern-day advances and improvements in fetal cardiology which includes early gestation and 3D fetal imaging, maternal hyper-oxygenation and far off fetal medicine.

This instructional exercise will function nationally diagnosed physicians/educators who will furnish new and up-to-date records on analysis and disorder management. The recreation will tackle accessible facts on consequences in order for the medical doctor to guide and manipulate sufferers appropriately. Learners will come away from the Symposium with renewed self-belief in the modern fetal cardiac imaging and care developments, finally enhancing medical outcomes.
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