Track: Heart Devices

Heart Devices


Evolution of the new cardiac technologies to monitor innovative devices and procedures for diagnosing and treating heart conditions includes:

4. Valve-in-valve procedure
5. Protein patch for heart muscle growth
7. Novel Embolic Protection to Prevent Strokes
8. Organ Conformal Electronics
9. Mitral Valve Modulation and Repair
10. Cardiac Decellularization and Engineered Heart Tissue  
11. Small, Portable ECMO Devices
12. Engineered Heart Valve
13. Artificial Intelligence to Predict Cardiac Arrhythmias
14. Magnetic Navigation and Robotic Systems
15. Pluripotent Stem Cells and Transdifferentiated Cardiomyocytes

These Cardiac devices, control the irregularities caused by the heart’s electrical system, like irregular heartbeat and rhythm disorders. When medication, lifestyle changes, or other treatments does not work, then an implantable device (pacemakers, ICD, cardiac loop recorders) may be recommended. 

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