Track: Transplantation: Heart and Lungs

Heart 2023 Conference - Heart and Lung Transplantation


The market for heart transplants was valued at USD 9,926.86 million in 2021, and it is anticipated to grow significantly over the forecast period of 2022–2030, by 10.10%, to reach USD 15,813.98 million. During the forecast period, the worldwide heart transplant market is expected to expand at a noteworthy CAGR of 10.3%. The increasing incidence of heart failure fuels the need for effective treatment strategies, which in turn fuels market expansion.

Advanced Heart Failure and Transplantation (HEART)

·        HEART–Access to Care/Caregiver
·        HEART–Basic Science-Immunology, Inflammation
·        HEART–Basic Science-Models of Organ Preservation, Perfusion and Graft Injury
·        HEART–Basic Science-Translational Research/Other
·        HEART–Basic Science-Xenotransplantation/Regenerative Medicine/Artificial Organs
·        HEART–Cardiac Allograft Vasculopathy
·        HEART–Cardiogenic Shock
·        HEART–Clinical Ex-Vivo Perfusion and Preservation
·        HEART–Compliance/Adherence/Psychosocial Aspects
·        HEART–Complications Other
·        HEART–Congenital Heart Disease Management
·        HEART–COVID-19 Vaccine Pre- and Post-Transplant
·        HEART–COVID-19 Non-Vaccine related
·        HEART–Critical Care Medicine/Peri-operative/Intra-operative Management
·        HEART–Diagnostics/Patient Management/Patient Care Pathways
·        HEART–Donor Management
·        HEART–Economics, Ethics, Public Policy/Health Equity
·        HEART–Immunology, Inflammation (Clinical)
·        HEART–Infectious Diseases - Diagnostics and Complications
·        HEART–Infectious Diseases - Management and Therapeutics
·        HEART–Organ Allocation
·        HEART–Other (Clinical)
·        HEART–Outcomes (Effectiveness)
·        HEART–Outcomes (Other)
·        HEART–Outcomes (Risk Prediction/Modelling)
·        HEART–Outcomes (Safety)
·        HEART–Palliative Care/Self Care/Symptom Management
·        HEART–Pathology
·        HEART–Patient Selection for Advanced Therapies/Rehabilitation
·        HEART–Pediatrics-Basic and Translational Research
·        HEART–Pediatrics-Complications
·        HEART–Pediatrics-Heart Failure
·        HEART–Pediatrics-Other
·        HEART–Pediatrics-Outcomes
·        HEART–Pediatrics-Patient Selection, Organ Allocation, Donor Management
·        HEART–Pharmacology, Therapeutics, Immunosuppression
·        HEART–Primary Graft Dysfunction
·        HEART–Quality of Life/Quality Improvement
·        HEART–Rejection-Antibody Mediated (AMR)
·        HEART–Rejection-Cellular
·        HEART–Telehealth/Remote Monitoring and Interventions
Advanced Lung Failure and Transplantation (LUNG)

·        LUNG–Basic Science-Immunology, Inflammation
·        LUNG–Basic Science-Organ Preservation, Perfusion and Graft Injury
·        LUNG–Basic Science-Translational Research/Other
·        LUNG–Basic Science-Xenotransplantation/Regenerative Medicine/Artificial Organs
·        LUNG–Caregiver and Psychosocial Aspects/Adherence to Care
·        LUNG–Chronic Lung Allograft Dysfunction (CLAD)
·        LUNG–Clinical Ex-Vivo Perfusion and Preservation
·        LUNG–COVID-19
·        LUNG–Critical Care Medicine/Peri-operative Care
·        LUNG–Diagnostics and Pathology
·        LUNG–Donor Management and Organ Allocation
·        LUNG–ECLS/Short-Term Support
·        LUNG–Economics, Ethics, Public Policy
·        LUNG–Immunology, Inflammation (Clinical)
·        LUNG–Infectious Diseases
·        LUNG–Other/Complications (Clinical)
·        LUNG–Palliative Care/Symptom Management
·        LUNG–Pediatrics
·        LUNG–Pharmacology, Therapeutics, Immunosuppression
·        LUNG–Primary Graft Dysfunction
·        LUNG–Quality Improvement/Service Development/Access to Care
·        LUNG–Quality of Life/Frailty/Patient Reported Outcomes
·        LUNG–Recipient Selection for Transplant and/or Advanced Therapies
·        LUNG–Rejection (Acute)
·        LUNG–Surgical Aspects of Lung Transplantation
·        LUNG–Survival/Prognostication 

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