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Benghezel Hichem

Medical Analysis Laboratory, Algeria

Title: Uric acid: A potential candidate to be a marker of cardiovascular risk


The objective of this work is to analyze the relationship between hyperuricemia and acute coronary syndrome (ACS) and to possibly seek the existence of an association or not with other cardiovascular risk factors (diabetes, smoking, insufficiency kidney disease, obesity, arterial hypertension, dyslipidemia,  CRPus, hyperhomocysteinemia). The study was carried out on 95 patients admitted to the CHU BATNA ALGERIA cardiology department. We used Roche diagnostics ® automate for the ultra-sensitive Troponin T (Tntus) assay, uric acid, total cholesterol, direct HDL, LDL, triglycerides, urea, creatinine, Apo A, B100, CRPus and homocysteine. We also calculated the relative cardiovascular risk (RR) (QRISK®2-2017formula) . We estimated the glomerular filtration rate (GFR) according to the formula MDRD. In our sample, no positive or inverse association was demonstrated between uric acid and type 2 diabetes, smoking and elevation of the body mass index. By comparing patients with eleveted uric acid versus normal uric acid, no significant association was demonstrated with total cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL, LDL, CRPus, the systolic pressure, and the RR with the exception of the concentration of Tntus, ApoB100 and homocysteine, CRPus, urea, and GFR (p<0.05). By eliminating patients with deterioration of renal glomerular function, the association observed between uric acid and Tntus decreases significantly, It persists but decreases with Apo B. It should be noted that the female population presents a significant association between uric acid and triglycerides and between uric acid and RR. It seems that hyperuricemia is more significant in evaluating cardiovascular disease in women. Associations moderate differences between hyperuricaemia, elevated CRPus and lowered apo B100 support the idea of the proinflammatory effects of uric acid and the pleiotropic effects of apo B in gout.


Benghezel Hichem has 38 years old; In 2006 Diploma Pharmacist Faculty of Medicine Department of Pharmacy, Algiers. In  2012 Diploma of Specialized Medical Studies in Biochemistry. In 2015 Recruitment Competition for Higher Education Assistant Professors.
University contracts:2015-2019 University Hospital Assistant Professor BATNA 2 University (Faculty of Medicine,Department of Pharmacy)
Teaching duties: 2015-2019Clinical Biochemistry Module (Faculty of Medicine, Department of Pharmacy). 2015-2019 Biochemistry Module (Faculty of Medicine, Department of Medicine)
Pedagogical responsibilities: 2017-2019 Head of the Clinical Biochemistry module (Faculty of Medicine, Department of Pharmacy). 2017-2019 Member of the scientific committee of the Batna 2 university pharmacy department.
2019 - today: Medical Analysis Laboratory Dr Sadelaoud Batna (Head of the Biochemistry and imunoanalysis)
2021 – today: Scientific and Reading Committee (Reviewer) Algerian Journal of Biochemistry and Medical Genetics.
2018: President of the organizing committee of the 15th national days of the department of pharmacy (Medical Biochemistry: a contribution to diagnosis, monitoring and prediction disease)