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Heart 2022 Conference

Fekede D. Agwar

Cardiac Center of Ethiopia, Ethiopia

Title: Mature teratoma in the right ventricle


We present an exceedingly rare case of right ventricular outflow tract (RVOT) obstructing mass in an adult patient, who presented with dyspnea and dizziness and trans thoracic echocardiography and CT angiogram of the chest showed a big mass in the right ventricle obstructing the outflow tract. Dual right ventriculotomy and right atriotomy surgical approach to completely resect the mass from the inter ventricular septum (IVS) and subsequently confirmed histopathologically as mature cystic teratoma.

There are a handful of case reports of pediatric patient less than 8 years of age with primary benign teratoma growing inside the heart. However to this date we could get only one case report of intra cardiac benign cystic teratoma in a 30 years old African American male patient in the English literature, which has been reported by Mori et al. in 2015. Now we are reporting the second case of benign mature cystic teratoma from the inter ventricular septum (IVS) of the right ventricle, which has been handled with a different surgical technique from the first case report.


After attending the undergraduate program at Gonder University and general surgery at Addis Ababa University, Black Lion Hospital went to Narayan Institute of Cardiac Science, Bangalore, India, and studied cardiac surgery. I become the first cardiac surgeon for the country liberating the decade-old missionaries based activity. Since then I performed more than 300 open-heart surgeries by leading the local team. 

I performed cardiac surgeries from pediatric to adult from 6-month-old baby to a record 90 years old geriatrics patient in our country. I performed coronary artery bypass surgery from single to a record four-graft surgery successfully. In our country, I also become the first to perform a beating heart bypass surgery. Among others; successful redo surgeries, left maze procedures, mitral valve repairs, multivalve surgeries, and AV canal defect with cor tri- atrium are the few