Virtual Conference
Heart 2022 Conference

Hichem Labassi

, Algeria

Title: Surgical treatment of carpal tunnel under endoscopy


From 2009 to 2022, 25 cases of carpal tunnel syndrome were treated in our department, treatment is mainly surgical, the method used since 2009, is against endoscopic (CHOW method), the average recession was 6 months. Our series consists mainly of women, the diagnosis is based on the clinical (pain and neurological disorders) and the electrical study (electroneuromyogram), and the assessment of the post-operative outcome is also clinical with disappearance of pain and neurological disorders in the territory of the median and electrical nerve (control electroneuromyogram).


Service de Chirurgie Orthopédique B, Hôpital central de l’armée Mohamed Seghir Nekkache, Kouba, Alger – Algérie