Virtual Conference
Heart 2022 Conference

Karen Valdés Álvarez

Hermanos Ameijeiras Hospital, Cuba

Title: Covid-19 in high risk patients. A Cubana experience


COVID-19 constituted a challenge for health systems around the world. Facing the unknown, the continuous demand for emerging responses and, in many cases, the limitation of resources, were part of the common experience of health personnel regardless of geography. Cuba, a unique country, was not exempt from it. The Hermanos Ameijeiras Hospital is a tertiary level center in the national health system in which cases of high complexity due to their comorbidities were treated. Patients with myocarditis, kidney and pancreatic transplant recipients, with lymphoproliferative processes, epithelial neoplasms, encephalitis and uncontrolled liver cirrhosis, among other associated pathologies, were seen in its intensive care unit. The national protocol for COVID-19 care was applied, which included the use of drugs in clinical trials authorized for emergency use.


Karen Valdés Álvarez is an internal medicine, Master in Infectious Diseases and Tropical Diseases at Hermanos Ameijeiras Hospital. She has experience in the care of infectious diseases and several publications on topics in this field of knowledge. She is an assistant professor and member of the Cuban society of internal medicine. Her work on COVID-19 was related to the management of highly complex cases.