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Mukesh Palsania

Calcutta National Medical College, India

Title: Percutaneous coronary interventions by Distal radial route - A retrospective observational study in a single centre


Study Objective: This study sought to determine the safety, feasibility and advantages of the distal radial artery as access site for  percutaneous  coronary interventions.

Background: Traditionally  transfemoral and proximal radial access sites  are chosen for pci but both these access sites have periprocedural complications with respect to bleeding and radial artery occlusion respectively. Distal radial arterial access has advantages over the two in terms of patient comfort an almost nil periprocedural complications.

Methods: Between  March  and  August 2019 a total of 73 patients were taken up for  distal radial intervention ( 33only  CAG, 40 adhoc  PCI) after obtaining written informed consent before procedure.

Results: Off all the patients undergone cag and pci the success rate for puncture and access was 98% with 4 failures with crossover to proximal radial threof.Periprocedural course remained uneventful  and radial pulse palpable well in both distal and proximal course at the time of  discharge.Follow-up for further 3 months also showed no access site related complications.

Conclusion: Among patients undergoing pci   distal radial access  is definitely a low risk ,feasible procedure without any periprocedural complications. It should ,therefore be recommended the first choice access site for all  pci procedues
Key words:percutneous coronary intervention,distal radial route,safety and feasibility


Dr Mukesh palsania completed his mbbs and MD general medicine from Rajasthan university of health Sciences, He has done certified DM course in cardiology from cnmc kolkata india specializing in the field of coronary(cag, angioplasty) and devices(pacemaker, icd, crt implantation). His willingness and desire to learn new things helps keep him up to date with latest innovation s in the field of cardiology. His area of expertize include but not limited to,angiography, angioplasty, pacemaker, icd, crt implantaion.