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Nematulloev Tukhtasin

Samarkand State Medical University, Uzbekistan

Title: Hemodynamic Status in Overweight Patients during Coloproctological Surgery


Examined 84 obese patients aged 23–65 years during proctology surgery, to study the state of central and peripheral hemodynamics in the perioperative period. The control group consisted of 21 patients of the same age with normal body weight. In all patients, the main surgical pathology on the part of coloproctologists was recognized as uncomplicated. To determine the severity of obesity, the mass/body index was used. Results. In this study, it was found that obesity with an increase has an extremely negative effect on hemodynamics and the functional state of the heart, as well as on the state of the cardiovascular system. In patients with overweight of the 2nd and 3rd degrees of severity, the most pronounced were cardiovascular system disorders. 


Nematulloev Tukhtasin completed his Master`s degree at 26 years from Samarkand State Medical University, Uzbekistan. He is the professor assistant of anesthesiology, resuscitation and urgent medicine department of Samarkand State Medical University, Uzbekistan. He has over 5 publications that have been cited over 10 times, and his publication h-index is 3.