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Heart 2022 Conference

Rima Chaddad

Lebanese University, Lebanon

Title: Save The Radial: Go Distally


Coronary artery disease is the leading cause of death worldwide. Percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) is one of the most widely performed medical procedures used to save their lives, currently over 3 million annually worldwide. The femoral artery has been the preferred vascular access site. However, radial access is gaining extensive popularity due to the benefits of earlier ambulation, fewer access site complications, and decreased rates of bleeding. Improvement in technology and understanding the anatomic features of the vascular system have led to new insights into coronary angiography procedures. Distal radial access, which was first used in 2017, shows a higher success rate and fewer complications than previous sites; therefore, it might be the future for cardiovascular intervention. For this purpose, we conducted this prospective study in Beirut Cardiac Institute (BCI) comparing the two arms: radial vs distal radial artery techniques through the anatomical snuffbox, in terms of patient’s length of stay, complication rate, and success rate of each procedure.


Rima Chaddad has completed her internal medicine MD from Lebanese University, Lebanon. Currently she is a third year cardiology fellow. She has over 10 publications till that time. She has been serving as an editorial board member in one of the best cardiology journals.