Heart Conference 2022
Inderjeet Singh Monga

Command Hospital, India

Thank you so much for providing me opportunity to present my study and also for the certificate. It was a wonderfully organized webinar with great academic program. It was a real academic feast to hear from so many learned fraternity who are all experts in their fields. Looking forward to be part of next series on Nov 2022 at Paris.

Heart Conference 2022
Alba Regina Cartaxo Sampaio Thome

Federal University of Alagoas, Brazil

Thanks for all the support, you guys are awesome.Everything was perfect, I will be there in November. 

Heart Conference 2022
Alina D. Nasytko

Rostov State Medical University, Russian Federation

Your conference is my first experience of participating in such events. I hasten to express my deep gratitude for the organization of the highest level, everything was clearly observed in the time schedule. All speeches were of great importance in modern science. I hope to be able to participate in the conference in November

Heart Conference 2022
Alieva Elza Khaleddinovna

State Health Care Institution, Russian Federation

I will be glad to take part in your next conference with great pleasure!. 

Heart Conference 2022
Angela Zedda

Dresden Heart Center, Germany

It was a excellent webinar with well balanced variety of topics!It was a honour to participate! Thank you again for your kind and prompt support. 

Heart Conference 2022
Uchenna Cosmas Ugwu

University of Nigeria Nsukka, Nigeria

Please accept my heartfelt gratitude and appreciations. It is my wish and expectation to unavoidably participate in the 2nd meeting by November in Paris.