Suresh Vatsyayann

FRNZCGP Waikato University, New Zealand


A friend, a philosopher, and a guide, Dr Suresh Vatsyayann is a family medicine specialist with an MBBS, FCGP, DNB, FRNZCGP, an international MBA with Distinction, and honours graduate with 1st class honours in International Health Development and Policy. He has over 70 publications in the various fields affecting health and has invented 10s of new techniques in surgery and medicine both. He has shared the principles behind a healthy life every week with doctors, medical staff and the general public for the last 47 years in the Cook Islands, in New Zealand, in India, and the world over. Most of the lecturers have been part of the series of "Health for All Through Wisdom & Action," a crusade against the epidemic of non-communicable diseases (NCD), particularly the cardo-vascular diseases, diabetes and obesity, and cancers affecting us today. He has astonishing results with over 30 thousand followers and beneficiaries of his guidance and management. Dr Vatsyayann has enlightened great medical, management and health policy audiences the world over through participating as a speaker in many countries. Many of his enlightening lectures are on multimedia & easily available on YouTube (HTW-Dr Suresh and our Doctor channels). He is a firm believer that if every human being starts to understand their body, especially the principles behind the human life cycle, the public would get sure enlightenment of how and why the body and the society are getting the increasing burden of NCDs. Therefore, the least effort at the levels of education, environment, and policy would get us the maximum dividends by way of reducing the NCD burden, untimely disability and death. He is making a visible difference in the lives of individuals, groups of people, and the public through one to one, group, and mass communication techniques of his, and feels obliged and thankful to all for being able to share his dream, results, and educating techniques with his fellow medical fraternity, especially the junior medical and paramedical staff, opinion leaders, general public and the younger generations while they are at school and colleges

Research Interest

Finding a single answer to eradicate the pandemic of the non-communicable diseases