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Asma Riaz Hamdani

GCUF, Pakistan

Title: Aggressive Behaviour and Coping Setratigies among Cardiac Patients with Type A And Type B Behaviour Pattern


Background: The present research aimed to explore the aggressive behavior and coping strategies in Type A and Type B cardiac patients. The study also assesses the role of gender in terms of their personality type and coping styles. personality type plays a vital role in cardiac patients and this has been identified in many studies before however, the role of coping strategies in terms of their gender and personality type is novel to this population.

Methods: A hundred and twenty cardiac patients from different hospitals of south and west Punjab were taken for the study.  The sample was comprised of Male (n= 65) and females (n=55) with an average age range from 22 to 70. The education was considered a constant variable as the range was between middle to master. The majority of participants were married. All the patients suffering from coronary heart disease were included in the sample. The entire sample was referred by their medical staff as diagnosed cases were with the problem in their ECGs, Echocardiography, and further diagnostic assessments. personality types, coping styles have been assessed along with their detailed demographics. 

Results: The mean age range was 45 years in which male=65 and female =55 which were 55.5 % and 44.5% respectively. Types A were 55(45.8%) and type B were46 (38. 3%).In Cardiac patients avoidant Coping predicted verbal aggression and problem-focused coping predicted physical aggression. Problem-Focused Coping and Avoidant Focused coping negatively predicted aggression among Type A cardiac patients whereas among Type B cardiac patients Emotion-Focused Coping predicted aggression significantly. Gender moderated between aggression and personality type among type A and type B cardiac patients. Male cardiac patients with Type A personalities differ in their Coping styles as compared to female cardiac patients. The interaction effect of gender and personality type on problem-focused, emotion-focused, and avoidant-focused coping is also evident in the results.


Asma Riaz works as a lecturer and Ph.D. Scholar in the Department of Applied Psychology GCUF, Pakistan since 2005. She has submitted her Phd Thesis in Clinical Health Psychology. Her Phd Project based on a randomized control trial on psychosocial intervention in Children and adolescents with Congenital Heart Disease In her professional career she has supervised many MS theses in the field of health psychology.