Virtual Conference
Heart 2023 Conference

Benjamin Drenger

Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Title: International Consensus statement on 'Green Anaesthesia' Sequestration and Neutralization of Inhaled Anesthetics


I would like to emphasize the importance of neutralizing volatile anesthetics (VA), rather than just eliminating them through the scavenging systems to the atmosphere, for the sake of humanity and better environmental consciousness. Millions of gallons of VA are released into the atmosphere each year at a huge cost, both financially and environmentally. The VA creates a major greenhouse effect and aggressive depletion of the ozone layer on their release to our atmosphere with a life span of 2-26 years. The solution is not in banning the use of specific volatile anesthetic, but in treating the waste anesthetics before they reach the atmosphere. Practical implementations will promote action by practionairs, which will be followed by their companions and residents.
1.      Avoid leaks in all connections, pipes and vaporizers. Keep regular maintenance
2.      All halogenated gases are greenhouse gases
3.      Filling a vaporizer is the single most polluted action. Please act with care, avoid spillage and use modern filling adaptors
4.      Use low flow anesthesia. Up to one litter per minute. Use close circuits if available
5.      Avoid using N2O
6.      Consider TIVA or balanced anesthesia in combination with low dose VA
7.      All anesthesia machines should be equipped with an effective scavenging system.
8.      In hospital evacuation service room, adopt methods for reprocessing waste inhaled anesthetics


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