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Heart 2022 Conference

Eka Dvalishvili

Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery , Russia

Title: A new method for quantifying the contractility of the left ventricular myocardium according to two-dimensional Echocardiography


The novelty of the work lies in the methodology for evaluating segmental quantitative criteria of the left ventricle in accordance with the blood supply zones of the coronary basin in patients with coronary heart disease to restore the function of the heart as a pump from the perspective of revascularization of myocardial sites. The calculation is based on the second Papp-Guldin theorem, where the volume of the body obtained as a result of the rotation of a flat figure around its non-intersecting axis is equal to the product of the area of this figure by the length of the circle described by the center of gravity of this figure. The authors proposed a new method of technical calculation that does not violate the physical foundations of the formula, but does not require determining the center of gravity of each segment, which is a possible but very time-consuming process. In the future, after a loading drug test with nitroglycerin, the reserve potential of various areas of the myocardium and the expediency in the proposed revascularization of the coronary bed are determined.


Eka Dvalishvili has been an employee of the A.N. Bakulev Center for Cardiovascular Surgery since 2012. Engaged in ultrasound diagnostics of the cardiovascular system of adults. He is testing a patent on a new method for assessing the contractility of the left ventricular myocardium, which is the basis of the dissertation work and is in the process of writing. Two articles have been published on the topic and two are in the process of publication, many works have been published on other topics.