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Heart 2022 Conference

Hong Jian

China-Japan Friendship Hospital, China

Title: Perioperative management of PTx in a SHPT patient with severe heart failure


Patients with secondary hyperparathyroidism?SHPT?are prone to cardiovascular disease, and the risk of parathyroidectomy?PTx?surgery increases with the decline of cardiac function. In this paper, We report a case of SHPT with severe heart failure, through appropriate perioperative management, PTx was successfully performed. We utilize the case to emphasize the importance of perioperative management in patients at high risk of cardiovascular events and encourage ongoing investigation.


Jiang Hong graduated from the Graduate School of China Union Medical University in 2000 with a master's degree in medicine. She is currently the chief physician in the Department of Cardiology of Integrated traditional Chinese and Western Medicine. Engaged in clinical diagnosis and treatment of common cardiovascular diseases for more than 20 years, with solid clinical diagnosis and treatment skills, and undertake the clinical teaching tasks of Peking University Medical Department and Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine. In recent years, she has served as a number of national projects and published more than 20 academic papers in well-known medical journals at home and abroad