Virtual Conference
Heart 2023 Conference

Hugo Chinchilla

Honduras, USA

Title: Severe effect of graphene hydroxide on heart muscle


Medicine changed radically after the plandemic that began in December 2019 and is still ongoing. As we pointed out in an editorial in this outstanding magazine, there is a before and after and that is facilitated by the blindness of 99.9% of doctors in the different disciplines of medicine who no longer see the greatest genocide beyond their noses. of history on our planet since Adam and Jawa his wife appeared. The objective of this research work has been very arduous and meticulous with the objective of detecting in completely healthy people and without any comorbidity that predispose to serious cardiac pathologies over any affectation of the myocardial fibers, ultimately producing a state called cardiomyopathy up to now. dilated terminal diagnosed by non-routine laboratory, Chest X-ray, Echocardiogram, analysis of peripheral blood smears and fixing it in Wirigh staining Evidencing a breakdown of the formed elements of the blood, especially red blood cells and the evidence in the same graphene hydroxide. And after treatment that from this writing I want to be patented as the only cardiologist that used it for this purpose worldwide with amazing results that only the same patient who has witnessed it can affirm.


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