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Manthou Panagiota

West Attica University, Greece

Title: Relationship between preoperative cardiac troponin levels and outcome of non-cardiac surgery


Introduction: Patients with known coronary artery disease present myocardial ischemia (MI). Mortality in the intensive care unit (ICU) remains high. The perioperative management of a patient on antithrombotic therapy should include assessment of cardiac markers such as troponin.

Purpose: To investigate the clinical significance of troponin preoperatively.

Material and Method: ICU patients who underwent major non cardiac surgeries.Both preoperatively and postoperatively, abnormal test values ??such as BNP and troponin were examined in order to determine the lower values ??of predictive value for  assessment of postoperative MI. The statistic was used for the analysis SPSS 22.0 program.

Results: The mean age of the patients was 69 years. The change in CK-MB (p=0.035) and troponin (p=0.039) differed significantly between the two groups. The existence of dyslipidemia, the preoperative troponin value were found to be related to the existence of MI. The patients with troponin greater than or equal to 17.2 preoperatively had 4.62 times higher probability of myocardial ischemia compared to patients with troponin less than 17.2 preoperatively. Also, the patients with dyslipidemia were 3.95 times more likely to have MI.

Conclusions: The measurement of cardiac enzymes can be important prognostic indicators in the ICU.


Panagiota Manthou has complites her PHD at the age of 33 years from National Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece. He is the deputy coordinator of critical care nursing speciality at General Hospital of Athens << Aghii Anargiri>>. She has many publications. He has been serving as an editorial board member of the Division of Cardiology Journal and reviewer at Cureus Journal. She is also an Academic Fellow at the University of West Attica, Faculty of Nursing, Greece. She is also ACNAP Ambassador of Greece at ESC organization.