Virtual Conference
Heart 2022 Conference

Seyed Siamak Amiri

Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS), Iran

Title: Application of Stem Cell Therapy in Cardiac Regeneration: Procedures, Opportunities, and Challenges


The flexibility of pluripotent foundational stem cells, owing to their limitless self-restoration limit and versatility, has initiated a significant opportunity for expected application in cardiac regeneration. Recently, the idea of recharging the lost cardio-myocytes, the core of the matter in ischemic coronary illness, with pluripotent immature stem cell-determined cardio-myocytes has been confirmed with promising pre-clinical outcomes. In any case, clinical interpretation was surrounded by impediments, for example, youthful cardiovascular properties, long haul engraftment; unite related arrhythmias, immunogenicity, and the chance of tumorigenicity. The consistent advancement of undifferentiated cell-based cardiovascular treatment, consolidated with tissue designing procedures and conveyance of cardio-defensive exosomes, provides a positive attitude toward the improvement of corrective treatment for cardiovascular breakdown. This review survey highlighted an outline and the present position of an undifferentiated cell-based treatment for heart recovery, with a specific spotlight on the utilization of PSC-CM. The researcher also likewise features the relevant challenges in clinical application and focuses on the possible opportunities in creating effective heart regenerative treatment.


Seyed Siamak Amiri has completed his M.D at the age of 26 years from Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS), Tehran. He is the general practitioner of Tarbiat Modares University clinic, Tehran. He has a book and some scholarly paper publications.